Day: August 14, 2021

Top 7 Podcast Hosting PlatformsTop 7 Podcast Hosting Platforms

Podcasts are quite the sensation these days and there are plenty of opportunities out there for those of you keen to start your own podcast. If you wish to share audio content across the world, you need to choose a platform for podcast hosting. Podcasting is not as easy as recording a speech and then uploading it; you must host the audio files first to get started. Podcasting hosting sites can differ in terms of user-friendliness, tech support, prices, reliability, monthly upload volumes, storage, marketing features, and app integration. It’s important to choose a hosting site that meets your specific requirements. Whether you’re discussing the latest trends in online gambling or sharing tips on en iyi online casino siteleri (the best online casino sites), finding a hosting platform that offers reliable support, ample storage, and effective marketing features can help you reach a wider audience and create a successful podcast.

Best podcast hosting platforms for you to consider:

  1. Spreaker: This can be your one-stop shop for podcasting purposes, being designed to help beginners. It connects listeners, advertisers, and creators through a single platform making it super convenient for a newcomer to monetize his podcast list. You can schedule and manage many podcasts with a single account. Any podcaster can enable new episodes to be distributed to the top platforms like Google Podcast and Apple Podcast. The Broadcaster Plan is the most popular one at $18 a month and giving advanced stats, 500 hours storage, and monetization features.
  2. Transistor: It offers high-end professional services hosting popular podcasts like Cards Against Humanity, Drift, and Honeybadger. This platform offers built-in analytics and tips to expand your audience. As a podcaster, you are free to host unlimited shows, manage multiple users through one account, distribute podcasts to key networks, produce branded sites having your domain name, and view reports.
  3. Buzzsprout: This podcast hosting service has been around since 2009 and caters to 100,000 podcasters. The biggest advantage is their free plan that provides unlimited member accounts. Buzzsprout lets you embed your podcast player on the site itself. You may broadcast one or many episodes. Buzzsprout provides a user-friendly dashboard having an algorithm to calculate how many listeners tune in to every episode. You can upgrade audio quality for better sound effects. Uploading and scheduling podcasts is easy too.
  4. Simplecast: This podcast hosting service is popular for its industry-leading functionalities for only $15 a month. It provides many robust tools for managing, distributing, sharing and growing your podcast audience. It supports some of the biggest podcasting brands like Facebook, Nike, and Kickstarter. The website is fully-functional and had advanced analytics tools. You can collaborate with many web players through a single account. The “Recast” tool lets you schedule and share podcast clips on social media.
  5. Pod Bean: This is an easy-to-use podcast hosting service for $29 a month, and the first month free of cost. This platform has been around for a decade and caters to 540,000podcasters. The free plan offers 5 hours storage and the $9 a month plan offers unlimited storage. It offers auto-uploading on YouTube feature, a mobile app, and auto-posting on social media.
  6. Castos: It is known to be the top WordPress podcast hosting provider and is a fully-featured plugin for WordPress. You can enroll for a 14-day free trial if you already have WordPress. To host podcast episodes, you must add them onto the Podcast section in WordPress. Uploading of audio files onto the dashboard is quick and these can be republished to YouTube.
  7. Captivate: This is a new podcast hosting service, a product of Rebel Base Media. All plans offer unlimited podcasts, new podcast player, unlimited team members, marketing tools, and advanced analytics. They also offer an auto podcast website with built-in calls to action. All plans have customizable and mobile-friendly sites. You can create your email lists and produce new leads through calls-to-action.
  8. Crypto: You can also check out the best crypto podcasts, news, and the latest updates on cryptocurrency. For detailed insights into crypto, it’s advisable to refer to the Bitcode Method Software, an automated crypto trading platform that allows users to buy and sell popular crypto securely.